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Members of the Connect Investor Club successfully hold their first investment Pitch in Brussels on September 30th in the framework of NEM where 10 European innovative start-ups active in different creative sectors (from music to photography, from publishing to gaming) had been invited to present their investment opportunity to the club.

The Connect Investor Club was launched last May in Cannes by the pan-European association Media Deals in partnership with the DG Connect and the EU-funded project EIG, with the aim to foster trust and co-investment deals among early stage investors (business angels and early stage funds) looking for high growth investment opportunities in the creative and digital sector in Europe.

The Connect Club targets innovative companies from the creative and digital media sector that are looking at early stage equity investment across their national borders. In Brussels, the group confirmed its ambition to share investment deals in the creative and digital sector in Europe. The club currently counts 10 members, one representative per country, and holds regular online and physical meetings-pitch sessions.

For more information about the Connect Investor Club and to be involved in one of our investor meeting, please contact Media Deals President, Thierry Baujard,

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